a healthy and satisfying work environment for our company’s staff is our main goal. It’s our duty to act in accordance with all national and international laws and regulations, starting from the recruitment process. With recruitment, it’s our policy not to discriminate, not to employ child labor, not to engage in any behavior that violates personal rights starting fromdetermining working conditions, and to ensure health and safety conditions at the workplacefor employees.

Our employees have the right to benefit from working hours, payment of wages, holiday andleave practices within the framework of the Labor Law, as well as the right to join unions andbe represented. Providing regular training to all staff, including new hires, and continuouslyraising awareness about working conditions, occupational health, and safety is fundamental.

In our company and any action taken on behalf of our company outside, bribery, corruption, etc., and any behavior that could lead to this, are strictly prohibited.

Our principle is to apply the Supply Rules criteria and, when necessary, to address issues withcorrective actions, and to continuously improve the system with the participation of all ouremployees.

Our policy is accountability, transparency, impactful behavior, respect for parties, respect forthe law, and respect for international behavior norms.

The basic principles of the Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Youth Employment Policyare listed below:

In Turkey and all other countries where it operates, represents, or manages operations, it develops practices that comply with all local laws on child labor, forced labor, and youthemployment, as well as the standards of the United Nations International Labor Organization(ILO) and international agreements in these areas.

It does not allow child labor or forced labor and does not tolerate these practices among itssuppliers. It bans all forms of forced labor, including prison labor, indentured apprenticeship, debt bondage, military labor, slave labor, and all forms of human trafficking. It permits youthemployment in jobs that are part-time or full-time, light work, and supportive of the youth’sprofessional development, as long as it doesn’t exceed the legal working hours for youngworkers. Young workers or interns working for suppliers must be registered according to locallaw. Young workers must be given a break of thirty minutes for jobs lasting more than two but less than four hours, and one hour for jobs lasting from four to seven and a half hours. Allour suppliers employing young workers are required to comply with the standards mentionedin this Policy. If a supplier is found not complying with the principles and standards of thisPolicy, the business relationship with them will be terminated. Suppliers are also expected toapply these principles and standards when selecting their own suppliers and in their dealingswith them.


Our company respects the constitutional rights of all employees against Sexual, PsychologicalHarassment, and Discrimination and makes no compromises in this regard. Individualsexhibiting such unacceptable behavior will be referred to the Ethics Committee. If theirviolations are proven after their defenses are heard, their employment contracts will be terminated immediately. It is of great importance to our Company to increase all employeesawareness against the following concepts: Unfair treatment that results in a person beingtreated worse than others because of their gender, race, skin color, religion or belief, politicalopinion, sexual orientation, age, disability, or national, social, or ethnic origin. Employeeswith concerns or complaints on these matters can leave their complaints in suggestion/complaint boxes or can directly speak with the personnel unit. Our companyrespects the rights of our employees to join, not join, or form a union without fear of discrimination, dismissal, threats, or harassment. We commit to establishing constructivedialogue with representatives freely chosen by employees represented by a legally recognizedunion and to negotiate in good faith with these representatives.


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